Why do people shop at Pioneer Garden & Feed?

Because the most important thing at our store is the customer.   

seed starting.jpg

What do we do?

Diagnose garden problems.  We spend all spring and summer looking at bugs, leaves, pictures and grass samples.  Bring them in and ask the question.  Most likely, we've got the answer.

Teach about gardening, birding, lawn care, raised beds, organics.....anything to do with your yard.

Carry out to your car.

Scoop bird seed and grass seed by the pound.  A little or a lot? We're happy to bag it up for you.  (We'll also make you a special mix--just ask!)

Talk about the weather--and how it will affect what you're doing in your yard that day.

Calculate how much mulch you need, how many bags of compost, how much gypsum to add to your clay soil.  

Give helpful hints on turning hydrangeas blue, keeping rabbits out of your garden, growing seeds with kids...everyone needs a store where they will be welcomed and taken care of.

Donate time, money, and garden items to an enormous number of community organizations.

Act as stewards of the environment by promoting organic and "best garden practices" as often as possible.

Enjoy the stories, pictures and memories of the most loyal customers in the area.

Answer your questions with a smile.